Pedacitos de Mi Vida

15 julio 2009


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These days it’s cracy
The world makes me ill it ease
There’s terrorism and swine flu
And North Korea testing nuclear capabilities
Everything on the evening news
Kinda makes me shudder
There’s gummen killing innocent people
And the world economy still in the gutter
So before I drift off to sleep
Intead of worrying about all that I wonder
How the island cures illnesses
Yet hurley stays fat?

Cuz all I care about is Lost!
It’s the only thing on TV that’s even worth the watch
There’s polar bears and forward flashes
It’s why I got these JJ Abrams glasses
All I care about is Lost!

And then my girlfriend says “U don’t touch me anymore”
I tell her it’s cuz she looks like the female Charles Widmore
And she mumbles something about breaking up with me now
And as she slams the door behind her I think to myself “Get Lost!”

All I care about is Lost!
And then she talks all through the episode
It ticks me off
I’m like “Yeah, you’re pregnant… blah, blah, blah”
My frist choice for a name is Sayid Jarrah
All I care about is Lost!

And then my mom calls me crying and says something awful happened today
“You’re brother’s been in an accident, come to the hospital right away”
And even though he’s in the ICU I respectfully refuse
Cuz tonight’s episode was written by Lindelof and Cuse
She say “He’s in a coma” and that he fell in the shower
Then I hear “Previously on Lost” and I say “Mom, I’ll call you back in an hour”

Cuz all I care about is Lost!
Before each commercial break I always go “Oh, my gosh!”
If he’s dying please tell him mother
That I’ll see him in another life, brotha

All I care about is Lost!
All I care about is Lost!

I’ma buy the whole show in blu-ray
I don’t care what it costs
I’ve been hooked since season one
You think it jumped the shark
I don’t respect your opinion

Cuz all I care about is Lost!


Por SuperSecretProject

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